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Accessible Sailing


Accessible Sailing

Sailing solo

SailAnyWay is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization that converts non-sailors into competitive sailors. Our program is available exclusively to people with disabilities that would typically prevent them from safely boarding or operating a single-handed sailboat.

Our "phased" training curriculum assumes all participants are new to sailing so it starts at the beginning but progresses at a very rapid pace. Our sailing season is short, our volunteer staff is limited and our fleet is small so time on the water is reserved for those folks that consistently commit to and participate in the learning process.

SailAnyWay provides the unique single-handed sailboats, Hoyer-type dock lifts and other special equipment to make sailing accessible. Our volunteer instructors perform the wheelchair-to-sailboat transfers, tow the sailboats to open water and then coach the sailors out on the course from a motor-driven safety boat.

New sailors will begin training immediately including the Rules of the Road, sail trim, steering and safety maneuvers. After only a few on-the-water solo sessions the sailors can begin racing against each other and can compete in local conventional sailing regattas. Sailors with the desire to learn will be invited to join other SailAnyWay participants each September as we travel to Ontario Canada to compete in the Mobility Cup, an international regatta for sailors with disabilities.

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